Slip on bale bonnet covers
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Bale BagBale Bag

Our Bale Bags are the highest quality bags on the market. Having Bale Bags on hand can save a crop of hay. No more weather worries when you make haylage using the Bale Bag system. It employs the same method as making haylage but with a lot less investment in equipment. You can deliver a palatable, highly nutritious protein-rich feed. Bale Bags specially formulated 5 mils thick plastic is made to both reduce heat build-up and to resist ultraviolet rays - totally reuseable.

Bale Bags come in three sizes for bales measuring 4', 5', and 6' round bale diameter.

Slip-Ons/Bale Bonnets offers you the most extensive selection of quality and sizes available. Your round bale and haylage protection is guaranteed by the most reliable ultraviolet plastic developed for this use. Deal with the best in the Business -- Your Business.



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