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Bale Bonnets

The Bale Bonnet is the original system. A great idea made practical – and it works! Installation is quick, easy and efficient. Applying the Bale Bonnet takes about 90 seconds using the 12” Bale-Nails provided with every order. Bale Bonnet covers not only protect the top of the bale but run rain and melted snow off the sides and away from the base, providing added value. Along with this advantage you may add to the efficiency by using other practical steps such as proper lay-of-the-land placement for maximum effect.

Bale Bonnet protective hay covers are made of heavy 8 mils ultraviolet resistant black plastic and come in three sizes to cover all your needs. All Bale Bonnet sizes offer the same high quality of protection and can be re-used year after year with an expectation of 5-10 years with minimal care. Every year they earn more than their original cost, including the year of purchase. A quick, easy way to guaranteed savings.

Bale Bonnet Sizes

4’4” x 9’ For some of the more Compact Bales
5' x 9' 6" Fits most Round Bales
5’6” x 9’ 6" For New Holland and Larger Bales

Bale Bonnets are packaged 16 covers to a box and each box includes 64 -- 12" Bale Nails and 64 steel and plastic clips -- a unique system that fastens the Bale Bonnets securely to the bales with no tools necessary.


Super Bonnet

Now, Slip-Ons/Bale Bonnets bring you the Super Bonnet™ made of 8 mils Black Plastic, measuring 100 feet long and 10 feet wide to protect your hay.

By placing 20 five-foot bales end-to-end, the Super Bonnet™ saves you time and money. Coverage is quick and easy.

This method of protection requires fewer clips and pins to hold the bonnet in position. Life expectancy of the Super Bonnet™ is approximately five years.


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