Slip on bale bonnet covers
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Same Company, Same Quality & Same Location in Cynthiana, Ohio But We Have A New Mailing Address 
2525 SR 41 S 
Bainbridge, OH 45612 
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Slip-Ons/Bale Bonnet Company offers you the most cost effective Hay Storage System for your investment in TIME, MONEY, and LABOR.

  • Protect all your Hay: Top, Sides, and Bottom, from Rain, Snow, Dust, Sun, and Drying Winds.
  • Goes on quickly and stays in place.
  • Resists Ultraviolet Light, Minimizes Heat Build-Up.
  • Allows you to hold-over hay with minimum risk, to be fed another year.
  • Matches Haymow quality with large Round Bale convenience.
  • Comes in sizes and styles to meet your specific needs.



Together they represent an extensive selection of styles and sizes to meet every need, as well as a choice of quality to fit every budget. Your Round Bale and Haylage protection is guaranteed by the most reliable plastic developed for this use. Simply select the most appropriate size and style and be assured that you are dealing with the best company and people in the business -- Your Business.




If you are not completely satisfied with our products, return within thirty days. Your full purchase price will be refunded.


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