Slip on bale bonnet covers
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Bale BagScottsman Round Bale Covers

Scottsman single-use sleeves slip on easily to fit around the circumference of the bale to protect top, sides and bottom. Only the ends remain open to allow for adequate ventilation to control condensation and prevent mold, yet protect your bale from rain, snow, and ground moisture. No extra parts are needed as the bale itself holds the cover in place. Made of specially-formulated plastic, these economical sleeves are 3 mils thick and are ultraviolet-resistant to act as a buffer to the sun's drying effects and heat build-up.

Essentially, Scottsman sleeves function just as the original Slip-Ons but are thinner and designed to be used once and discarded (although some of our customers have reported that they are able to use a good percentage of these sleeves at least twice). Scottsman sleeves provide a more cost-effective alternative for our customers who sell their hay, as the covered hay is a superior product but the Scottsman sleeves require less of an investment since the sleeve will not be returned for re-use.

We offer these economical sleeves in four sizes:

4 1/2' x 5' Diameter
6' x 5 1/2' Diameter
6' x 6' Diameter
6' x 6'4" Diameter

The number listed 2nd is the DIAMETER and it is the most important number.
Determine your DIAMETER from the 2nd number and then decide which width (the number listed first) best fits your bale.
Example: A 4 1/2' x 6' sleeve fits a 6' diameter bale that is 4 1/2' wide.

Slip-Ons/Bale Bonnets offers you the most extensive selection of quality and sizes available. Your round bale and haylage protection is guaranteed by the most reliable ultraviolet plastic developed for this use. Deal with the best in the Business -- Your Business.



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